Week 11 NFL and NFL Draft Chat Wrap

Do you anticipate the Browns going QB in the first round or did Hoyer show enough in limited time to build around him?

From one of my favorite Twitter follows, @TheJoeMarino


Me- The Browns’ 2013 season hasn’t been a success for the starving Browns fan base that deserves to see a championship, but the success of the team despite the rotating door at quarterback is actually promising. After the pre-season, the fans’ faith in incumbent starter Brandon Weeden was back again, but he’s proved that he doesn’t have the ability to be an adequate starter. Once 3rd stringer Brian Hoyer came in and was able to sustain drives, convert 3rd downs and convert redzone opportunities to touchdowns, the fans saw what above-average QB play can do for a team with a stout defense.


From what I know about this Browns front office, I am 100% certain they will be selecting a quarterback in May, and very likely in the first round. With the team facing a vanilla 2nd half schedule, they could reach 7 wins, which will tentatively have them picking around the 15th pick, and the Colts pick they’ve acquired will likely land around 22-25th.  Looking at the QB class I actually expect them to go best player available with their first pick, and QB with their second pick. Hoyer will certainly enter 2014 training camp as the starter, and will allow the Browns to take more of a developmental QB, because Hoyer likely will be their best chance to win next year. So, my answer is yes, Hoyer has shown enough for the Browns to use in the short term, but I don’t believe he is capable of being a long term starter, and I don’t think the front office does either.



I’d like your evaluation of [Barkevious] Mingo to this point. – @TheJoeMarino


Me- I’ve been a fan of Mingo for awhile (as have many others) and had him ranked as my #6 player in the 2013 NFL draft. I opined the Browns to take him, and so far the Browns look to have made a solid pick. He started the season in a part-time role, but then ROLB Jabaal Sheard was injured, boosting Mingo to become a starter for three games. Mingo’s first 4 games were solid, notching 3 sacks and 6 hurries, although 2 of those sacks were coverage sacks. Since becoming a part-time player for the last 3 games, he’s cooled off, only getting 1 sack and 3 hurries. He still relies on his tremendous athleticism most plays, and that leads to great inconsistency. Due to the scheme he’s been getting better vs the run. He has struggled to create an effective pass rush lately, showing he needs to continue to add strength. In conclusion, I’d say he’s been promising but inconsistent. He brings a lot to the table that you like, and I think in time he will develop that consistency. 



Who will we see be drafted from the Buckeyes? – @erook


The Buckeyes have quickly reloaded under Urban Meyer, and these aren’t the traditional Ohio State products, who have been lacking physical traits such as speed or quickness. I’ll start with the star-studded defensive line, which has at least 4 draft-able players, starting with Junior DT Michael Bennett, who is my top rated 4-3 draft-eligible tackle. Looking at the ends, Sophomores Noah Spence and Adolphus Washington will both be taken as day 1 or 2 picks. Spence projects as a top-15 player next year as an OLB for a 3-4 base defense or as a 4-3 end. Don’t forget frosh DE Joey Bosa, who will be a 3-4 end prospect in a few years. The next layer of the defense has star WILL LB Ryan Shazier, who has a late 1st round grade from me. The secondary has Junior CB Bradley Roby, who started the season horribly but seems to have his confidence returning now. He locked down Penn State star WR Allen Robinson and hasn’t been trying to hit the home run every play, which he tried to do vs Wisconsin and Northwestern. Finally at safety, Seniors Christian Bryant and CJ Barnett both have early day 3 grades, and could become starting players in the near future.


Offensively, QB Braxton Miller has shown much more patience and ability in the pocket recently. He could use another year of polish and experience, and needs to prove his durability, but he’s a day 2 prospect right now. Running back Carlos Hyde has boosted his stock as much as anyone in the country with his bruising performances this year. He should be an early day 3 pick. Junior Devin Smith will be a day 3 prospect as well if he runs as fast as he plays. Senior LT Jack Mewhort should be a day 2 pick, as he’s shown great athleticism and the ability to guard speedy ends as well as power rushers. He could be a steal. LG Andrew Norwell will also be a day 3 player, and could become a starter one day.


What would you do if you were Stephen Ross? It’s gotta be time to blow it up again right?! – @ZAMayo


Me- The Dolphins have had a largely disappointing year after an exciting free agency and draft, but with 7 weeks left the Dolphins could still make the playoffs. Personally, at this moment, I think the Dolphins should retain Joe Philbin but fire Mike Sherman and Jeff Ireland. I’m not an Ireland hater and think he did well last April in the draft, but he doesn’t execute signings or drafts well enough. Give Philbin a better offensive coordinator (preferably Gary Kubiak) and let Coyle stay another year (despite a poor season from the defense). I’m not totally against blowing it up, but unless they can pry away a top coaching candidate (will be doing an article soon on that), Philbin might be their best option.


What are your thoughts on Ryan Tannehill? Some plays he seems to be our next Marino, some plays he looks like a lost puppy. Should they just draft Johnny Manziel and move Tannehill to WR?- Emailer


Me- I’ve been a fan of Tannehill since Texas A&M, and I continue to believe in him. Yes, he’s inconsistent but there’s a reason he’s Pro Football Focus’s #7 ranked QB- he’s a strong, smart and gifted player. Yes, he needs to be more accurate on deep throws, I wholeheartedly agree. However, he has one of the worst offensive coordinators I’ve ever seen and has had a terrible offensive line this season, causing him to be limited to short and intermediate throws. His recievers haven’t helped either. Mike Wallace continues to drop easy catches. Brian Hartline is a limited #2. Brandon Gibson is now out, and Charles Clay is still inconsistent. A great QB raises the play of others around him, and in case you missed it, new slot WR Rishard Matthews just had a phenomenal game. I’d like to see Tannehill in a different system, with a better and more experienced coaching staff. 



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