Brendan Munnerlyn (Milford) Scouting Report


Brendan Munnerlyn, CB, Milford Academy (HT: 6’0”; WT: 170 lbs)


  • Shows quick feet and smooth backpedal when on the line of scrimmage.
  • Throttles down efficiently on comebacks and curls, limiting wasted steps and breaking back towards the ball well.
  • Very feisty competitor against the run and while playing press.
  • Uses leverage well by getting underneath the pads of the receiver to jam him and disrupt routes.
  • Quicker than fast, he can accelerate quickly and operate effectively in a zone.
  • Played well in Cover 2 zone from the limited tape available.
  • Received a lot of interested during the recruiting process, indicating he is a solid athlete.
  • Overcame a lot during his upbringing, and seems to truly love the game.


  • Difficult to truly gauge athletic ability due to the talent around him.
  • Didn’t play a lot of football in college because of financial and legal issues. It could take some time on the practice squad to get him up to speed.
  • Needs to stay lower in his backpedal to keep bouncy and able to jump routes.
  • Could be limited to the slot due to size and speed, but there is value in that.

NFL Comparison: Nickell Roby


Munnerlyn is a hard working player than has really dealt with a lot of traumatic events in his upbringing. His toughness and effort shouldn’t be questioned, and his talent seems to have drawn interest from the NFL after he showed his skills at Milford. Hopefully he gets the opportunity to prove himself on the field in the near future.

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